Choosing a Bridesmaid dress that will suit everyones shape, natural complexion and age can be difficult, and all too often proper consideration isn’t given to the bridesmaids’ dresses in relation to the Bride’s wedding dress. It is essential that these are in perfect harmony.

What does Bridesmaid Styling Involve?
  • We will discuss the style and the location of the wedding to ensure that suitable dresses are considered.
  • Review the bride’s dress to ensure that the Bridesmaids dresses will be a perfect complement.
  • Discover a colour that will suit and enhance each Bridesmaid’s natural beauty as well as flattering the Bride.
  • Find a suitable style, cut and fabric to suit each Bridesmaid.
  • Shop for the perfect Bridesmaid dress as well as shoes and accessories.
  • I will also provide advice on suitable bouquet options.

BridesmaidI will provide advice regarding colouring and style of Bridesmaid dress, ensuring that everyone is dressed beautifully on the big day.