This is a service for those of you who need a new capsule wardrobe for the season: Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn. I will look for clothing that you can mix/match, maximising outfit opportunities and keeping your look fresh and interesting. Just a few key pieces each season can really refresh your whole wardrobe.


Wardrobe review – I will conduct a review of your wardrobe, allowing me to see what existing items work well and identify what suits your body shape and colouring. We will discuss your requirements/budget and with this information I will devise a purposeful shopping list.
Duration: 2-3 hours

Stylist research – Prior to shopping for your new seasonal attire, I will research what is on offer – so I am prepared with some super stylish outfit ideas for the season.
Duration: 2-3 hours (client’s time not required for this part of the service)

Full day personal shopping – We will spend the full day shopping for your fabulous new seasonal wardrobe! I will encourage you to try on clothing you may never have dreamed of trying on before, you will be surprised what suits you and looks uber stylish
Duration: 6-7 hours

Stylist advice – I will advise you on how to add colour and variety to your outfits through mix matching and accessorising so you can maximise the number of outfit opportunities. I can also provide advice on hair styles, make-up and beauty solutions that will help to enhance your natural beauty.
Duration: Advice is given throughout this service.

Trying on session – We will arrange a suitable date and time and I will advise how to incorporate your new purchases into your existing wardrobe. We will put together complete outfits and take photographs of each one, so you are left with a photo diary of your stylish seasonal outfits.
Duration: 2-3 hours

Price: £168