Wardrobe Review

Do you struggle to find anything in your wardrobe that you actually want to wear? Are you uncertain if the clothing you own even suits you? Is your wardrobe in need of some order? I would love to help.


Clothing Analysis – I review each item in your wardrobe; keeping clothing and accessories that work well and create a ‘no’ pile. At this point I will identify what suits you, your body shape and colouring.

Outfit Building – I will assemble together a number of different complete outfits, which makes deciding what to wear in the morning effortless.

Stylist Advice – I will advise on some key pieces required to revamp and update your existing wardrobe. And recommend ways in which you can add colour and variety to your outfits through mix matching and accessorising so you can maximise the number of outfit opportunities.

Duration: 2-3 hours

Price: £36